Stone House Sussex Exclusive Hotel      

Exclusive luxury boutique country house hotel in Sussex

Stone House Sussex Traditiona

The Master Chefs of Great Britain - Committed to Excellence



In recognition of the many acclamations awarded to Jane Dunn in this country and abroad she was elected as a Master Chef by The Master Chefs of Great Britain

Menus are changed every day and based on the best available ingredients from the Walled Vegetable and Herb Garden, the Summer Fruit Garden and Orchard, Pheasant, Wild Duck, Partridge, Woodcock and Wild Mushrooms from the Estate, her fishmonger on the beach at Eastbourne with his own boats off Beachy Head, her local butcher and other specialist suppliers.

German speakers will be interested in "Zu Gast in Englischen Country Hotels - Die Schönsten Rezepte" by Heidi Hertel, published by Dumont.


Our Wine List with more than 400 Bottle choices and 60 different Half Bottles has been compiled by our local friend, Mr. Nicholas Clarke, M.W. and former Chairman of the Masters of Wine, with the enthusiastic support of all the members of our family.

We offer Wines with a wide range of qualities, from the best years, the best shippers and most of the wine producing countries in the world.

And, believing that the food is enhanced by the best affordable wine, we have deliberately added far lower mark-ups than normal to our costs.

Stone House Sussex Hotel Garden.  One of the finest country house hotels in England

Some of our Menu Specialities

Fresh Young Nettle Soup with Wild Garlic

French Bean Salad with Prawns, Tomato, Black Olives, fresh Artichokes and Quail Eggs with a Lemon Oil and Golden Raspberry Vinegar Vinaigrette

Winter Salad of Endive, Avocado, Pine Kernels and Bacon with a Virgin Olive Oil soaked with Lemon and a Golden Raspberry Vinaigrette

Smoked Eel and Horseradish Mousse with Ruby Swiss Chard and Roquette Salad

Fresh Rye Scallops with Chilli, Grapefruit, Crystallised Ginger and Spring Onions

A Terrine of Stone House Game with Pigeon, Chicken Livers, Cranberries, Pistachios, Sloe Gin with a Red Pepper and fresh Cep Mushroom Marmalade

Grilled fresh Garden Artichoke Hearts with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Bocconcini with fresh Basil Pesto

Fillet of Sea Bass griddled on a bed of Rock Salt with a Dill Sauce and Samphire

Noisettes of Monkfish stuffed with Red Pepper and Basil and wrapped in Parma Ham with a North Atlantic Prawn Sauce

Rack of New Season's English Lamb on a bed of Couscous with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Mint with a Madeira Sauce

Grilled Saddle of Wild Rabbit with a Thyme and Three Mustard Cream Sauce

Rare slices of Breast of Wood Pigeon on a bed of Mirepoix of Lentils with a Crab Apple Jelly and Black Pepper Sauce

Chocolate Marjolaine with fresh Garden Wineberries and a Berry Coulis

Traditional Gooseberry and Elderflower Fool with Shortbread Biscuits

Lemon Meringue Bombe with Citrus Sauce

Homemade Garden Produce Ice Creams