Stone House Sussex Exclusive Hotel      

Exclusive luxury boutique country house hotel in Sussex

Stone House Sussex Traditiona

Comment's from our visitors book:
"Thanks for a short but sweet stay!”
Paul McCartney
"Last summer we filmed in the idyllic walled kitchen garden .  We had eaten there the previous evening and were much taken by the Englishness of it all.  The house is filled with antiques, family heirlooms and portraits of the Dunns through the centuries and surrounded by a vast estate where sheep and cattle graze.  You feel delightfully lost in some of the most considered rural scenes in the world – Glyndebourne and Sissinghurst are almost next door – and it felt as though we were in A Midsummer Night’s Dream” 
From Rick Stein’s Cookery Book - Food Heroes
“Jane and Peter – A remarkable couple of human beings without whom the world would be much poorer
Antonio Carluccio
“It is always a great treat to bask in the beauty of Stone House and it’s gardens, as well as the luxury of the most splendid guest room in England….”
Henry Koehler – American Artist
“….this is a home rather than an hotel and it’s heaven, with just the right mix of formality and a complete lack of pretension….”
Paddy Burt in The Daily Telegraph Travel Section
“Thank you for being the most gracious hosts I have ever encountered….my head was turned by the incredible bedroom – I immediately sank into a deep and peaceful sleep, topping off the delicious dinner…. I cannot wait for the chance to return”
House and Garden Editor in Chief, Dominique Browning, New York
Dreyfus – Basel – Switzerland
“The Perfect stay for Glyndebourne”
“We should all live so elegantly all the time!”
“Thank you for a perfect weekend. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my 50th Birthday with my friends” 

“Old Carthusians and Global Gourmet Cusine – what could be better?”

A.B. South Africa - “Bliss, bliss, bliss” 
Belgium - “Vaut le Detour”    
California - “Wonderful place to recover from Jetlag”
Belgium - “So we finally found our second home”

Germany - “A reason to come to Glyndebourne”
London - "Stunning setting, very relaxing, near unique experience"
Cumbria - "Absolute bliss and totally relaxing.  An amazing place. Calm, relaxing, nothing too much trouble for the staff"
New York City - "Friends have been urging us for years to try Stone House. We are very glad they did"